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Unbeatable adventures in magical and mystical lands

VOA will take you on adventures that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and to guide you through the cacophony of amazing cultures, sights, sounds, colours, tastes and smells that is Asia.  You will experience the best that the countries have to offer, visit incredible locations and at the best time of day (and night!).

The adventures are created and led by Dave Hughes.  He has been conducting small group tours in Asia for several years specializing in India, Bali & Java, Indonesia, Vietnam and more.  He is English and has lived in Asia for many years.  His charisma, attention to detail and ability to interact brilliantly with anyone guarantees a fantastic trip.  He is constantly researching and improving all aspects of the tours from the route, tour transportation to itineraries and accommodation.

Dave’s experience and extensive local knowledge will ensure that you get to locations you would not normally be able to reach.  He also uses selected local guides.  They accompany the tour and help them run as smoothly as possible.

We believe in low or even no impact touring, meaning we always favour local businesses, respect local customs, behave in a manner that does not upset or feel intrusive for local folk and of course, take nothing other than great memories and leave only footprints behind.  Dave is particularly good with locals and children, making them feel at ease with his gentle humour and bringing beaming smiles to their lovely faces!

We want you to go home feeling that you had the best trip possible with unforgettable experiences. As you can see from the gallery, Dave is an accomplished photographer, and whether you have a phone or the top of the range camera, he will create opportunities for you to bring home some amazing shots of your adventure.

The tours are also perfect for would be photographers.

As Dave says, “If you want more interesting pictures you’ve got to go to more interesting places.

Putting together these tours for me, is akin to cooking the perfect meal.  I want to give people a unique flavour and layer this with different senses, sights, sounds, smells and cultures.  The world has become a smaller place – it’s easy to travel, but to really scratch the surface of understanding a culture, one must get off the beaten track and try to at least touch the lives of ordinary people.

In visiting some of the places whilst putting together the tours, I have met some of the most amazing people in some wonderful places.  I have had people cook dinner for me on open camp fires, I met the Maharajah in Jodphur Fort, rode a camel through the Thar desert and drove a tuk tuk from one city to another!

It gives me great pleasure to be able to share these incredible experiences with you.”

What are you waiting for?

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